The Where: Heguri

We’re going to Japan! I know we already announced that, but it’s still pretty exciting. It’s amazing to see every day how God has planned and provided for us. We wanted to take a moment to give you a little better look at where we’ll be in Japan and what it will be like.

Heguri is a relatively small town located on the southern end of Japan’s main island, Honshu. It is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Japan’s big cities, which is a blessing for us!

It is a farming town which deals a lot in rice, one of Japan’s main goods.

It is still quite modernized. Houses are usually thinner and taller in Japan, the same is true for Heguri.

We will also be pretty close to one of the largest cities in Japan, Kyoto, where we stayed during our first trip. It is an easy day trip by train.

All in all we’re very content with where the Lord has placed us, we couldn’t have picked a better location or community ourselves! Please feel free to respond with any questions or curiosities you have! We’ll be glad to answer.

Prayer Update: Preparations are under way! We are currently in the process of vacating and selling our house so prayers for a smooth transition and quick sale would be great! We’ve had many people reach out with love and support for our mission in Japan, we are so grateful for how God has been working. Continue to pray that we can reach our financial support goal in a timely manner, we’re hoping to have everything prepped and ready to make the moving to another country process as smooth as possible!

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