Part I & a Half : Keep Trusting…

Part I & a Half: (Keep Trusting…)

Lesson learned, and relearned…and then again once more just to be sure. And yet, I still forget. I need a pile of rocks to raise up this monument of trust to remind myself. I think the people of the Old Testament were on to something there. But in all honesty, trusting God with not going to Japan has been harder than I expected. I’m a planner, spontaneous, and forgetful… somehow all at the same time. So my natural urge is to plan every single detail, to research Japan to no end, and leave absolutely no stone unturned. I also impulsively want to go- right this moment. Give me about a week to plan, pack and say my farewells, and I am on that plane. Yet in all that rushing and extensive planning, I would have forgotten about thirty-five basic needs because of my near reckless spontaneous haste.

In reality, we came to find out that evidently it’s just not done that way. (Not surprising, but surprisingly still a letdown).

So we went back to school to go with a wonderful, wonderful organization to do missions in Japan. Unfortunately, the cost was eyebrow-raisingly high to say the least. (And that was before Archer was a factor, an adorable little blue-eyed factor).

By now we’re on Plan C, which is somehow owning a home 7,300 miles away from our intended destination.

My impulsiveness is y.e.a.r.n.i.n.g. to be in Japan now, among the people I’ve truly begun to love. My tendency to plan is wanting time-frames and plane tickets and suitcases to be packed. Forgetting, as I do, that I am not the one in charge here. And sometimes I wonder, if that is why we don’t have a date, even the rough-draft of a date for departure. I don’t even have a destination in the country itself. But in that, I am forced to trust in God. To lean on Him and give it back to Him. Because if I had known ahead of time, if everything would have gone as planned…. I would have missed out on this lesson.

I would have, through ample planning I assure you, been convinced that I was following God, and yet left no room for Him to actually work in.

Stay tuned for the actual Part II…