Part II: Vision Trip


It happened something like this: Matthew and I were in the car a couple of months ago and completely out of the blue he says “Hey I have an idea…” and immediately out of my mouth comes, “…lets go to Japan this summer”, and he just looks at me and says, “yeah that’s what I was going to say actually.” It was definitely one of those moments I’ll hold on to, remember that shift in time when things were set back in motion. We hadn’t talked seriously about going to Japan for quite some time. We’d been settling into our new church and spending most of August and September celebrating birthdays, new babies, and weddings. But suddenly, there it was, tangible, real, and exactly what I didn’t expect.

Since that conversation in the car things have slowly started to come together. Suddenly we have dates and locations and an itinerary all beginning to form! We’re both filled with such excitement that this is finally happening!

This Vision Trip will be a time for Matt and I to travel to the place we’ve been longing for and praying about for the past 3 years! The week we plan to spend in Japan this Spring (as it turns out), will be a time of prayer, discovery, and direction. We can’t wait to be among the Japanese people, see their culture firsthand, and find out how God intends to incorporate our story with theirs.

Our plans are currently somewhat vague as I’m still working on the itinerary and budget for fundraising for the trip. But we will post an update soon and ask that you praise God that we are FINALLY putting this plan into motion and ask for His guidance in every aspect of it.    -K