There’s always Ramen…

Surprise! This is a cooking blog! Not really, though I do enjoy creating colorful healthy meals in my little kitchen. The photo above is from my most recent shopping venture to our local farm market. The image below is a glimpse of the market in Kyoto Japan near where we’ll be staying in March. I’m not sure I’ll find recognizable vegetables or even recipes in english! But cooking will definitely be an adventure in Japan. I cannot wait to walk through the Nishiki Market, smell all the new smells, be among the hustle and bustle of the Japanese going about their day buying and selling produce, such excitement! As for cooking in Japan, if things don’t turn out, I’ve read that there are plenty of Ramen stands so we won’t starve if our kitchenette cooking venture doesn’t pan out! Our food expenses are still un-sponsered if anyone feels led to sponsor our meals for the Vision Trip 🙂 I promise to take pictures (yes I’ll be one of those people who takes pictures of their food- just this once) and I’ll even record the names of the meals- no promises I’ll know what’s in them! But if I can bring home authentic Japanese recipes- I will!

Nishiki Market – Kyoto-no-Daidokoro (Kyoto’s Kitchen) 錦市場商店街 At Nishiki Market there are many old ‘shinese’ shops selling everything from Japanese

Source: Nishiki Market – Kyoto-no-Daidokoro (Kyoto’s Kitchen) | Kyoto Foodie: Where and what to eat in Kyoto

ありがとう (Thank you!!)

Wow, I am amazed at the support we have received after only 24 hours! I know with each ‘like’ comes a prayer and that you’re all lifting us up! I just wanted to address some questions I’ve been getting about how to donate. We have a PayPal link on the righthand side of our blog, or if you’re on our mobile site then it’s all the way at the bottom. To save you some scrolling, here’s the direct link:
Or if you’d rather mail us a monetary donation or a letter of encouragement just comment for our address or message me on Facebook for it! A breakdown of where we’re at right now:

Of the $4,140 we had to raise we only have $1,030 left to raise! That’s incredible! You guys have been so faithful and we are so grateful to be in your prayers and love every bit of your encouragement and wisdom! Both of our flights have been sponsored, we only have our lodgings, food, and in-country transportation left to go! 54 days!! Thank you again so much! I’ll be posting again soon!    -K

55 days and counting!!

Fifty-five days until departure and it still doesn’t seem real. We’ve finally got the budget and itinerary put together and have begun fundraising! I am so excited! But more than being excited about going, I’m excited that I’m excited! I was so defiant about going all the way to Japan to minister to people who have the same problems as we do in America, in our own community! But God has opened my eyes and heart to the unique needs of the Japanese people and the ways that we can and will hopefully touch their hearts and open their eyes to joy unspeakable. I cannot even express my joy, my completely God given joy, which makes it that much more fulfilling!

Praise God we already have our flight to Japan sponsored! So we only need to raise the money for our flight(s) home, the hostel we’ll be staying in, the hotel in California (for a layover), food, and in-country transportation. I’ve got a breakdown at the end of this post if you’d like to sponsor a night in the hostel, some of our flight home, or a meal or two. That’s my favorite part about giving, breaking it down to see that even my little bit helps if everyone pitches in. Because I don’t know about you, but when I see a number like $4140, as good as that is for a 9 day trip across the world to an expensive country, it still makes my eyes a little wide with shock and wonder at how we can get this accomplished. But then I remember how blessed we are with such an incredible faith family, many of whom are on their knees praying for this mission, praying for us, our way over and back, and the Japanese people we long to be among. I cannot thank our prayer warriors enough!

As for some details about our trip, we’ll be staying in Kyoto most of the time we’re there. I know this is silly, given all the big prayers we ought to be praying, but I do so hope that the Cherry Blossoms bloom early this year so we can see them! We’ll be there just before peak season. But back to the details, we’ve looked into some local churches in Kyoto to meet up with while we’re there, but we’ve honestly left most of our itinerary open for God to work. We don’t want to plan every second and leave no margin for Him to move in. We’ll be spending a lot of time in prayer and getting the lay of the land. The mission work we plan on doing in Japan is similar what we’re doing here. Discipleship.

We plan on living among the Japanese people, loving and discipling them in everyday life. To be a light in their work places, their markets, and their homes, not just the church building. Christianity still has a pretty big stigma among the Japanese, it’s associated with westerners and so very “un-Japanese”, thus not widely accepted (just about 1% of the entire country claims Christianity). If living among the Japanese and inviting them into our home there and living out the Gospel leads us to planting a Church, then we’ll do that, or if it leads us to start small groups, we’ll do that. We’re leaving quite a bit of flexibility because we know the Japanese people are going to need a bit of time to warm up to us. We definitely won’t blend in, especially our curly-q, blue eyed little giggle machine.

But before I get ahead of myself here, we’ll be spending this trip praying while we’re over there and looking into how and if God wants us to move there long-term. We’re heading there open to whatever comes, whatever is willed but we know at this point, we just have to physically go. Be among the people, pray on the very streets they walk on and breathe the air they breathe, to know, to really know what it is we are called to do there and how. And we are so grateful for the opportunity this spring to do so!!

So we thank you again for your prayers, they have power, truly. We thank you for whatever form of support you can give; prayers, monetary donations, encouragement, and advice.

Some specific prayer requests we have:

The Japanese people, that God is already prompting their hearts to trust Him
Safe Travels
To raise the funds needed to go this spring
The contacts we hope to make in Kyoto
Health for the trip since we’ll only be in-country for a week and wish to make     the most of it.

Donation Break-Down:

Any donation would be phenomenal and help us toward our goal for the Spring Vision Trip. But here’s a breakdown if you’d like to sponsor a specific part of our journey.

*Our stay at the Hostel in Kyoto for $384
(or sponsor one of the 6 nights for $64)
*Our layover hotel in San Fransisco for $124
*In-Country transportation of $70, (estimated) including bike rentals and train tickets to Kyoto from the airport and back.
*Our food costs of $360
(or $40 a day for the two of us to eat.) -This includes airport snacks, and layover meals that won’t be provided by the airlines, bottled water, and food from the market for nights we cook in the hostel which has a kitchenette.
*Our biggest expense to raise is our flight home which comes to $1600 all together. If you’d like to sponsor part of it, anything helps, I calculated that if every one of my Facebook friends gave $10, our goal would be met! You matter, your prayers, and your support in any way matters so much to us! We love you all and are truly so grateful for every one of you being in our lives and being a part of this journey we’ve found ourselves on. We can’t wait to see what God will do with this trip!! Thank you!   -K

 . . . .

(I thought this post would be harder for me to write, but it wasn’t. I was raised not to ask anyone for money, ever, especially someone outside of the family. But just reading in Acts how the disciples shared everything they had and the love and selflessness I have learned being a Christian has made it easier to ask, and easier to give to others. To be a good steward with what I’ve been given because I know that it’s only what God has given me. Yet I still find myself struggling to hit “publish” and send this out there. But something I’ve been working on is letting go of my pride, and trying to un-learn some of the things this culture has taught me about how life should be and embrace how God would have life be.)