We’ve been back in America for three months now. Much has happened in that time. Many decisions have been made that bring us closer to Japan and prepare us for ministry there.

Yet it worried me how quickly we fell back into the day to day “American Dream” mentality when we got home. We were going through life with the Mission in mind, but not always in heart. My heart still longed for that little house with a white picket fence where I could sip sweet tea on my front porch and read books. There may be a time in my life where I’ll be able to live in such a way, but as for now, that is not what we have been called to.

Life in Japan will be very different from my Southern Living dream of comfort, ease, and lemonade. But God has been reopening my eyes to His Mission; to why I’m here. There’s too much at stake. There are too many lost people for me to sit back as if I’m already in Heaven. There’s a war to be a won and I’ve only been given a short time here on earth to do my part to help win it. I cannot justify such dreams of comfort and ease now that I’ve been reminded of all the lost in this world. All those who don’t know that they’re loved, who have never heard that they were made with a beautiful purpose, who are unaware of a beautiful Savior that can break chains, bring healing and bless them with unspeakable joy.

It’s actually kind of sad. I’ve been to third world countries, I’ve seen poverty first hand. Yet how quickly I forget. I needed to see first hand the of the toll of the spiritual poverty that wreaks havoc in Japan.  It’s not as obvious to the eye, but the heart can see that it is undeniable.

So as we prepare for our departure, though it seems a lifetime away, we will be diligent. We won’t lose heart. We will be mission minded as well as let the mission live in our hearts.

In preparation we will study the Word, we will study Japanese and we will live as if we’re already there. The time we have in Bradenton/Sarasota is just as vital as the time we will spend in Japan. There is brokenness running rampant in our very neighborhood. There’s so much to be done if only we’d open our eyes and hearts to see.

Lord help us see. And help us love. Help us love deeply those who washed their hands of “love” long ago. Help us show them Your love and the restoring indescribable difference it makes on the souls of man.

Help us love as You love.       -K