How you can help:

I cannot stop thanking God for His incredible timing. He has truly put the pieces together.

He’s provided the vision. Five years ago, Matthew felt called to lead our family overseas. Since then we’ve doubled in size, but He’s done nothing but reinforce that call.

He’s provided the passion. Matthew has always loved Japanese culture. But God has grown our hearts for the Japanese people. So much so that I feel close to tears imagining their smiling faces and the holes in their hearts where their Savior should be. I cannot wait to be there and love on these beautiful people.

He’s provided the way. After many closed doors, He has truly worked everything out in His own timing. He’s provided Matthew a job that will sponsor all of our visas! Not only just a job, but the kind of job we never thought possible for us in Japan. One that mixes Matt’s teaching skill with his background as a youth pastor. I’m overcome when I think about how much this particular job is an answer to so many of our prayers. I can see now why He closed the doors on all the other ways we tried to get over there.

He’s provided the place. Heguri. A town in the beautiful Nara Prefecture that captured our hearts last year. It is a town of a little over 18,000 people. We have never been there before, but the few pictures of it we’ve found show it to be a beautiful place.

He has provided the people. For whatever reason, God decided to put our second child on our hearts at the same time as this transition. (Perhaps He put her there earlier and I’ve just been stubborn. haha.) But either way, it’s clear that this new little one was meant to come with us and make us a traveling family of four!

So you can see why I have no doubt that He will provide the means. Matthew’s school is a small missionary school and they are able to pay their staff a modest stipend. It is very generous and will go a long way towards supporting our family as we minister in Heguri. We are praying and seeking the remaining support from those who believe in what God is doing in Japan.

As you would expect we have initial moving costs, home set-up, and travel expenses for getting to Japan that we’ll need to raise. Our biggest mountain though, will be establishing monthly supporters. Our hope is to have partners who are willing to sponsor our family on a continual basis. This will allow us to make due in our day to day lives and ministry and maintain our presence in Heguri as we build relationships with the people around us.

We feel blessed that so many people are for us in this move. That so many people have affirmed that this is where God has called us, for however long He wills. My heart is warmed every time someone shares that they are praying for us, or that the are behind us in this leap. We can feel those prayers, and they have power.


If you feel at all led to become a monthly supporter or would like to know more about what we’ll be doing we’d love to communicate with you. Please feel free to contact us through this blog, Facebook, or Email. (Or in Person!) Any recurring donations set up between now and before we leave will go a long way towards helping with the initial amount needed for the move. Thank you for all the support you have shown us so far!