End of Year Update:

Thanksgiving at the Church at Braden River 2018

Here’s a quick 2018 recap:

  • Our foster son is happily settled into his adoptive family and we’ve transitioned to Aunt Kristen and Uncle Matt. We’re so grateful to still be a part of his life and for all the friendships made through him!
  • I’ve spent 8 months of 2018 pregnant and can’t wait to welcome our new little one in 2019!
  • As of today our home is officially SOLD! Praise God; He was in every aspect of that sale.
  • We’re comfortably, gratefully, settled into our temporary home for the next 5 months and preparing for the arrival of baby Mia.

Plane tickets have officially been purchased!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far so we were able to buy our tickets this far in advance and secure a good deal! We’re humbled by how clearly we can see God walking us through this journey and are grateful He’s been so present through so many changes! 

Mission Goals for the first six months of 2019:

  • Get all our papers in order to move overseas! [Passports, International Driver’s License, etc.]
  • Find devoted prayer partners to pray for the Japanese people- prayer changes things!
  • Help Archer adjust to all these changes in a healthy and positive way
  • Pack!

Mission Goals for the last six months of 2019:

  • Adjust to everyday life in Japan
  • Get Matthew settled into his new job
  • Establish a new routine for me and the kids
  • Make relationships and begin building a community
  • Improve language skills to better communicate in general and to explain the incredible gift of Jesus Christ

Thank you so much for your prayers and support as we come down to the last few months before departure! -K