She’s Here!

She’s here! Amelia is here. Our sweet baby girl was born on January 25th! And what have I been doing since then? Giving her snuggles and daydreaming about Japan.

Eight months ago, when we found out we’d be moving to Japan there were so many things that needed to be in place before we could move.

Amelia’s birth was the last thing on that list! We’ve sold our home, moved into a transitional space, which has proved to be such a blessing, and now we’ve officially become a family of four!

I am longing to be in Japan, to be in our new home, and begin our lives and ministry there.

But I know God has a purpose for these next four months leading up to departure.

Just because there are no major milestones in sight and all our big items are checked off- does not mean we are prepared and ready to leave just yet.

These next 4 months are a beautiful gift of time.

Time to grow spiritually and prepare our hearts and minds for the work to be done in Japan. Time to grow together as a family of four and find our new normal before jumping into an even newer normal! Time to sit at the feet of Jesus and still our hearts for the unknowns up ahead. It is a blessing. There is so much spiritual preparation that goes into a move to the mission field. Life kind of slows down, we give ourselves time to reflect, to dig into the Word, and to be even more diligent in praying together. Yes, I am definitely grateful for this time and I can’t imagine moving overseas without Matthew, Archer, and Amelia. God knew what He was doing when He put the call on our hearts but delayed the sending until our little family was complete. His timing never ceases to amaze me.