3 More Months!

Countdown Calendar in Archer’s Room

Today marks exactly 3 months until departure! And I can already tell you it’s going to go quick! We’re almost halfway to our monthly support goal and coming up on crunch time!

Our preparations have slowed a bit as we’ve settled into life as a family of four. But with three months remaining before we embark on this adventure- we’re ready to get back to work! (More active preparations and probably less of me justifying watching Japanese Dramas as language studies….)

Thank you everyone for keeping us in your prayers! I’ve been reminded recently of the importance of prayer and how trying to accomplish anything without it is just, well, hard.

I have to be honest, my first reaction when I see that we have 3 months to raise 60% of our goal- I get a little apprehensive. But in the next instant I remember how far we’ve come and that God has called us to Japan. We’re not just going on a whim- we have a purpose there that He’s already laid out for us. I fully believe that He’ll get us there, and I’m thanking Him in advance for it!

So we’ll continue life as usual, keeping our days simple and prayerful as we look forward to what He has waiting for us. Thank you for your support, we couldn’t do this without the Body of Christ supporting us.

Soaking in the Florida Sunshine and practicing our Japanese

PS- Sorry we kind of fell off the grid these past couple of months. Having two little ones vying for my attention has been an adjustment. I want to be a present mama to them, and sometimes that means scaling back a bit and slowing down. It also means multitasking- for instance I just typed this post one-handed because Amelia is asleep in my other arm.