Prayer & Ramen


こんにちは! Above is a really cool picture I found by some missionaries in Tokyo. They did a great job laying out The State of Missions in Japan and I really wanted to share it here! Below is the link to the pin, they get every bit of creative credit on that one!  🙂

On to our journey here- we’ve already found some favorite places, the grocery store (located in a giant mall), and made a few awkward attempts to communicate in Japanese. (I feel like my awkwardness is magnified times 10 here). But it’s fun! We’ve also walked more in the past 2 and a half days than I have in such a long time. DID I MENTION, The Ramen Street. OH MAN. It’s got like 10 different Ramen Shops, all a different type of Ramen from a different area of Japan. I have never had such Heavenly goodness  before and can now never go back to those 99 cent packaged Ramen imitators in America ever again! Oh my goodness.

Jetlag has given me a couple of opportunities to spend time with God in the quiet of 2 am. At first it was frustrating to be awake in the middle of the night but I’ve come to savor these quiet moments alone with God. Before we left I was reading The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer and we’ve kind of taken him along on our journey so to speak. I brought a few of  his other books and was listening to some of his sermons last night. I love how God works. The things Tozer has been preaching on seemed to be unrelated to our journey here, but the more I think about who God is and who I am in the context of some ideas presented by Tozer, the more I feel I’m able to adapt to life in Japan and love the Japanese people even more. It’s amazing how at home we’re beginning to feel here even after 2 days. (Though of course we miss our little boy more than anything)!

We’re still spending quite a bit of time praying, we’ve done some prayer walks and randomly pray as we’re out and about and see the need (a perk to no one really speaking your language is you can just walk along praying out loud and they just assume we’re in conversation only with one another!). It’s kind of weird for me because most Mission Trips I’ve been on were service oriented and we were constantly working and serving the people. It’s been a little hard for me to adjust to our Vision Trip, I keep thinking that I’m not doing enough, but I’ve been reminded of the power of prayer, that just because I may not be actively serving a certain group of people, I can still make an impact. I kind of had the notion that we would set foot off the plane and immediately know if we were to pack up and move to Japan or never return after this visit. Of course God doesn’t work like that. So we pray. And we listen. And we explore and listen some more. And take a ton of pictures… and of course, eat Ramen.


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