One Month Update: Defining Goals

Konnichiwa Family & Friends in the States! Thank you for following along on our journey! Read on to hear about the Church we’ve been visiting and our Ministry Goals!

-We’ve been in Japan for a month already, though it feels like time is flying! We are grateful to be over jetlag and on a normal sleeping routine (even if that normal is our kids waking up at 5am….).

Our Home:

We’ve moved into our new house and we love it here! We’ve spent the past couple of weeks deep cleaning due to my [Kristen] allergies. Because of all the cleaning we’re not quite unpacked yet, but we are definitely feeling more settled and I’m very grateful we were able to come in June! Just getting the house in order and getting into a rhythm is taking quite a bit of time. I’m so glad Matthew is home to help with the little ones while we transition.

Japanese Church:

Twice we’ve gone to a Church about thirty minutes from us. We have really enjoyed our time there. Everyone is very kind. The Church is in Japanese and translated into English for a few of the missionary families who attend. We have not yet decided if we’ll visit other Churches or stay with Hope. But we would love your prayers on where God would have us be and where we’d be most useful to Him, not just where we’re most comfortable and we’re it’s easiest to fit in.

Mia hiding from the rain. Taken by a new friend at ホープチャペル -HopeChapel-八尾福音教会 on Sunday.

Ministry Goals:

Before arriving in Japan, Matthew and I discussed a lot of what we might do and how we’ll serve God here. A lot of prayer went into our discussions and a lot of prayer has gone into it now that we’re here. Now that we’re here it’s easier to see where the needs are. Now that we’re here we can feel God putting people on our hearts as we meet them. It’s amazing and we’re so grateful. There are many different routes we could take:

  • Fill the gap left by previous missionaries in the retired community
  • Discipleship through KCS
  • Local Mom’s Group with Japanese Mamas

As we pray over the above possibilities, Matthew and I have both felt God putting Language Learning on our hearts. To do any of those things well, we need to be able to communicate. We haven’t felt a certain direction or “do this specific thing!”. But we have both felt a need to really spend time learning the language well.

I also still have the strong conviction that I’m to live my daily life, as usual, raising my kiddos to love the Lord and investing in the people around me. No, it’s not a step-by-step Ministry Initiative. It’s not a Church Planting, Discipleship Training Program. It’s not any of those important sounding things. It’s just me, loving the Lord, loving those around me, and praying for every person brought to my mind. (Currently a lady I’ve seen twice on the train, an employee at the grocery store, and some fellow Americans who live here.)

The kids hanging in there while we try and translate just about everything in the store…

So as much as I feel like many expect a really cool sounding plan. That’s it: Love God, Love Others. We just reside in a different country, that’s all. But I’ve learned His amazing power and love works through simple obedience and faith. Isn’t that really all it takes? We so appreciate your support and I hope you know how much it means to us to be supported from the States. It helps us find our footing here. So thank you, for investing in God’s Love for the Japanese People. For investing in what He’s doing here and making an impact in Japan. -K

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