“Too Tired to Think of Thought-provoking Title” so just used a lot of T’s

Something unexpected God has been showing me here, is how much God answers prayers. I mean, we all know this. It’s nothing new, but maybe it’s because here we are forced into a humble position of dependence on Him and on His body of believers here, that I’m more aware of it. But I wanted to share some of it to encourage those praying and those feeling prompted by the Spirit- go to Him and follow His leading! He just might be using you to answer someone’s prayer.

Like when I realized we’re going to need heaters, and baby gates, and fuzzy blankets. And oh my that’s adding up fast. Yet all within 24 hours a friend who had no idea I’d just mentally made this list, texted me and asked me if I wanted those specific three things. She was cleaning and felt prompted to offer them to me. The Spirit at work.

Or when Mia woke up this morning crying with cold hands and feet and I realized fuzzy jammies alone weren’t going to cut it. Later the same day, I went to a different friend’s house. I barely set foot in the door before my earlier prayer was answered as she told me she had a sudden realization that I’m going to need fuzzy sleeper blankets for Mia and gave me some.

These are just two of the many ways God has been answering our prayers almost before we can pray them.

He listens. He cares. And He provides. 

-Let me put in a disclaimer here. I have prayed many big BIG prayers that I have yet to see the answers to. I know He’s answered, but I can’t see it unfolding yet. But I’ve learned not to let a seemingly unanswered big prayer keep me from praying the little ones. It’s not a “pray this, wait for an answer then move on to the next thing” type of system. No, pray continually. Without ceasing, the Bible says. Prayers of praise, of heartache, of thanks, and requests. Sunday I was reminded that Jesus is referred to as “The Word” (John 1). So I’ve decided to give Him all my words and give this pray without ceasing thing a try. (So far only one person has looked at me strangely as I suddenly remembered to pray for a friend’s wedding on my morning run and threw up my hands as if to say “oh duh! Caleb and Bridget!” Only to look up and see a lady walking her dog right in front of me….. Pray continually WITHOUT gesturing to yourself is a good start…)

But let me tell you, that verse is in there for a reason. Pray without ceasing.

And friends in Japan, thank you for being sensitive to the Spirit’s prompting and being generous enough to give of your time, talents, and things. He is humbling us to receive, something my pride usually keeps me from doing.

2 thoughts on ““Too Tired to Think of Thought-provoking Title” so just used a lot of T’s”

  1. Gods kisses are always such a blessing! These are the prayers that add up and give you the faith to believe for the big thing! HE IS ABLE! And NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! Blessed reading your blog. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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