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Konnichiwa!  We’re the Steele’s, welcome to our Blog 🙂 I’m Kristen and I’ll be doing most of the updates but my husband Matthew will be writing too from time to time, which is a huge treat because his writing style is full of wit and sarcasm, you’ll love it. We have been married for 6 years now. And Japan has been in our prayers for 4 and a half of those 6 years. We made this blog because we have a huge heart for Japan and are praying about calling The Land of the Rising Sun our home for however long God wills. Matt and I wish to show God’s life-changing love to, well, as many people we can, but the people of Japan have a special place in our hearts and we long to be among them!

*We are so excited to announce we’ll be officially moving to Japan in June! We have a long way to go in preparing for this leap into long-term missions and would love your prayerful support. Our family will have doubled in size by the time we depart for Japan and I’m so grateful that we will be flying over as a family of four!

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  1. You guys have such a heart for people and doing what God has said. I had fun reading your posts. Thank you for sharing your blog info with me at the Christian bookstore. It can be hard to share so much of yourself in a blog! If you want to share some Japanese study time with others let me know! We have Japanese study regularly for my family and have fun with it!

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