2 years later… (Part I: Just Trust)

It’s been nearly 2 years since our last post, well… our only post. I’m not sure where to begin other than an overview. Which I’ve divided into three parts. Originally when we felt God tugging us to Japan, we grabbed on and envisioned near immediate departure. Our lease ended on our first apartment and we moved in with family to save money and be able to leave “at a moment’s notice” for Japan. What really happened is we ended up buying our first home in Florida (that’s Japanese for… not Japan) and having a son! His name is Archer and I think he’s just about the cutest little 8 month old there is. So, now we’re home owners and parents. I know, I know, it sounds contradictory to our original plan…

Well… that’s because it is.

Good thing we’re flexible. Rephrase: good thing Matt is flexible. I on the other hand have had quite the internal battle over this whole not-being-in-Japan-right-this-very-second thing. Which is somewhat amusing because I was the one who was endlessly rebellious about going and now I’m incessantly questioning why we’re still here (more on this in Part II). I think of Abraham and marvel at his trust in God’s timing and direction without any semblance of a plan. My husband, Matthew, seems to have a similar knack for trusting God. If I let it, my pride can turn green with envy at his ability to just trust. Just trust. But my heart is ever so grateful for his steady faith as we build our little family, remembering God’s promises, and leaning on the fact that we know He is good.   -K

Really, Japan??

I admit, I’ve basically ignored the Eastern part of the world. I’ve always been very much into Europe, Africa and South America- but as for the rest of the world…. It was just too different for me- I couldn’t relate. So when, 5 months into our marriage, Matt tells me he thinks God is calling us to Japan, my jaw was in our downstairs neighbor’s apartment. Japan? I’m sorry, what?? I “prayed” for a month- which consisted of me telling God all the reasons why we’re not called to Japan. I was in the middle of ranting to one of my closest friends about how we absolutely need to stay in America, because we’re living in such a materialistic world, and I feel like Americans are forgetting their need for God. It hit me big- right there at the intersection of Cortez and 41- as I ranted on the phone. It was almost as if God audibly spoke saying- open your heart Kristen- Doesn’t Japan need the same thing? I felt God gently telling me, enough-child, are you going to go where I send you or shall I send someone else? That’s when I knew. Matt was right. The last place I’ve ever wanted to go- just became top priority.   -K